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Loei, Thailand – Loei River overflows, affecting 1,000 families in Muang district of Loei province late Thursday night, and causing 10 schools to be closed.

Ban Tiew community near the fresh market in downtown Loei and the Talad Muang Mai, Kok Moongchie and Ban Mai communities suffered from the flood waters caused by heavy downpour.

The continuous rise of the water prompted residents to carry their valuables to higher ground. According to report, the water level was over a meter high.

Thai news media The Nation reported that 10 schools in the municipality and other tambons were closed on Friday.

Other places inundated were Kood Pong Park, Loei Stadium, and main roads. The flood also damaged the bridge linking the Ban Tiew community to the community across the river.

According to the local government, the heavy rainfall has continued since Thursday evening. The local meteorological office said it was the heaviest rainfall the province had seen in 85 years, The Nation added.

Loei River/Photo Credits: kohchangphotography

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