School removes policy to deduct scores of crying kindergarten applicants


A government school in Isan gave in to severe criticism and removed a policy of docking scores of kindergarten students found crying during the admission process.

In a report from The Nation, the proposed policy specified that students “seeking admission in all three kindergarten levels would have been deducted three scores out of an unspecified total if they were found crying during interviews or during an admission procedure scheduled for February 5-6.”

The proposed rule was heavily criticized online and drew complaints from parents.

On Friday afternoon, the leadership at Mahasarakham University Demonstration School’s Elementary Department repealed the rule. University rector Assoc Prof Prayuk Srivilai, Ph.D., apologized for the rule while admitting it “may have made parents feel uneasy”.

However, other rules remain in effect, as are additional measures regarding Covid prevention.

Source: The Nation

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