School in Nonthaburi fires teacher caught assaulting kindergarten students


NONTHABURI — A school teacher in Nonthaburi was captured on CCTV physically abusing kindergarten students.

Onuma Ploadprong was seen in the video physically assaulting the kindergarten students many times. She reportedly hit her students’ head on their desks, pushed them to the ground, and twisted their ears until they screamed in pain.

A group of parents noticed that their children were unhappy going to school and there were wounds on their bodies.

What they saw prompted them to reach out to each other and decided to seek help from school authorities to review CCTV footage in the classroom.

According to a report from The Nation, “Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School has also offered legal assistance to the parents whose children were ill-treated by the teacher.”

The school said they sacked Onuma after she confessed to her actions, and the teachers who did not stop Onuma from abusing the children will be punished as well.

On September 24, parents and school representatives filed a complaint at Ratchaphruek Police Station in Nonthaburi.

The school also informed the parents that it would facilitate prosecution of the teacher and other related persons by providing a legal team, The Nation added.

Onuma on Friday apologized to the parents of the students who suffered physical abuse from her.

Source: The Nation

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