RIA Money Transfer’s high exchange rate excites Filipinos in Thailand


Filipinos in the Kingdom have a new way of sending money to the Philippines with a much better exchange rate and a lesser fee of only 150 baht per transaction compared to the ones being enjoyed today. RIA Money Transfer, a global money transfer operator, has just launched a new partnership with the Government Savings Bank (GSB) in Thailand.

The new agreement, which provides customers with inbound and outbound cash remittance services, allows GSB account- and non-account holders to send and receive remittances through more than 1,000 branches across the country.

RGB owner Guilbert Fincalero shared on Facebook his experience sending money using RIA money transfer through Government Savings Bank.

“Rate now at GOVERNMENT SAVINGS BANK IS 1.7045 sana makatulong pasencya na sa mga remittances businesses jan ha diko intension malaki kasi deprencya” i want to help thanks open monday to friday if sa mga labas ng mall pero sa mall ata open everyday makukuha ang pera sa palawan or cebulhuilier charged 150,” Fincalero posted.

A day after Fincalero shared his experience, Filipinos flocked to GSB to try RIA.

In an interview with Pinoy Legacy, Filipino teacher in Thailand Andres Villareal shared his excitement. “I sent money to the Philippines today at GSB Index Living Mall Bangyai. I’ve heard about RIA through my friend and co-teacher pag post nya sa SWD Kapamilya Facebook page. The fee is only 150 baht and my family in the Philippines can get the money either at Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop or Mlhuillier Pawnshop.”

“The transaction is a little bit slow but the money can be claimed within 15 mins once sent. RIA is very helpful to all OWFs especially that the rate is higher compared to other remittance services we are using now. I’m so excited after learning about it so I tried it myself yesterday afternoon. There were many Filipinos eager to try RIA’s services,” Villareal added.

Mickz Flores who works in the IT industry, told Pinoy Legacy that she have tried sending money to the Philippines via RIA and she liked the higher exchange rate it offers. “I’ve already recommended RIA to my friends so they can stretch their money,” Flores said. “When you enter GSB, you have to tell the staff specifically that you would like to send money to the Philippines using RIA money transfer. Otherwise, they won’t offer RIA. They may offer the more common money remittances such as Moneygram or Speedsend,” Flores revealed.

“I tried the option using BDO and after the transaction, my brother immediately received a text message from BDO Remit. It was a relief when my brother received the text that he can already get the money,” Flores added.

“GSB’s partnership with Ria will be another channel that provides a cash remittance service for customers in almost every area in the world, such as tourists, Thai laborers working in foreign countries, foreign workers in Thailand, or people with relatives in foreign countries including those with children studying abroad,” said Mr. Chatchai Phayuhanaveechai, GSB’s President & CEO.

Remittances play an important role in an estimated one billion people’s lives worldwide. By expanding its global network with partners like Government Savings Bank, Ria will continue to facilitate the flow of family remittances across the globe.

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