Rescuers capture large king cobra in Chonburi


A Facebook post warned people of a large king cobra spotted many times in an area that is part of Bang Phra Reservoir where many people come to jog and ride their bicycles.

One villager said the king cobra would come out around 3 pm to 6 pm.

It was reported that a woman ran close to the edge of the road and came across the serpent spreading its hood. She was shocked to see it that close.

A sign was put up in the area warning people of the venomous snake.

To eliminate people’s fear and to not endanger the public, officials from Bang Phra Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Bang Phra Reservoir Non-Hunting Wildlife Area, and Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation planned together to catch the snake.

Fortunately, the planned capture proved successful on November 30. Facebook user “Nick Wildlife” posted a video of the thrilling moment where officials finally caught the large snake safely.

Physical examination suggests that it was a female, measuring approximately 4 meters in length, and was not as strong as it should be. They also found wounds on the body. However, officials will expedite the treatment and will release it back into the wild suitable for its kind.

Watch the thrilling capture below.

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