Rescue workers catch two large king cobras in Phuket


PHUKET — Two large king cobras have been caught at a house in Srisoonthorn, central Phuket earlier today (Feb 10).

Rescue workers of Kusoldharm Foundation arrived at the house in Srisoonthorn after getting a call from Sanit Rayasajul, the assistant village chief at 9:30 am today.

There they found two king cobras under a rack used to hold toys for children.

In about 15 minutes, the two snakes – one male, the other female – were safely captured.

According to The Phuket News, “the male king cobra was about four metres long and weighed around seven kilograms, while the female king cobra was about 3.5m long and weighed about 5kg.”

“We took the two king cobras to keep at our centre in Baan Muang Mai,” one of the rescuers said.

“We will call officers from the Phang Nga Wildlife Nursery Station to take them and release them into the wild,” he added.

Four large king cobras were caught in the area in the past month, prompting the foundation to warn people in the Moo 2 area of Pa Khlok to beware of the snakes.

Source: The Phuket News
Photo: Kusoldharm Foundation

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