How Can Filipino Teachers in Thailand Renew Their PRC License Online

  • Step by step guide on how to renew PRC license online 
  • Filipino Teachers in Thailand can now renew their PRC license online

Filipino teachers in Thailand who have teaching license in the Philippines need to renew their ID card every three years. Failure to have the license renewed voids a person’s registration as a certified professional. But what if your ID card is about to expire? How are you going to renew it to extends its validity without going home to the Philippines?

That’s when going online come into play. On March 30, 2016, the PRC launched its online services that covers practically almost everything. You don’t need to be personally present at the PRC office just to renew your PRC ID or apply for a licensure exam. With your fingers on the mouse and a few clicks here and there, everything can be done at your convenience.

1. Register

First thing first. Please have the following on hand. You’ll be needing all of these later.

-your email address with password

-mobile number

-personal data (including date of graduation)

-ID photo in .jpg format

PRC Online

Go to PRC website at If you already have an account hit sign in. If you don’t, click register and fill out all the necessary information such as your name, date of birth, email, etc. Make sure you are creating your own account and you’re using your own email address. You are allowed to use ONLY ONE VALID EMAIL ACCOUNT PER USER/APPLICANT. Complete all fields using drop down menu where applicable then choose ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE.

Read the Terms of Service CAREFULLY and click on the green button if you wish to continue. Once done, click the SIGN UP NOW button.

2. Complete other important information

If you have previously registered online or finished signing up, enter your email address and password then click SIGN IN. Start filling out information such as address, phone number, spouse (if any), etc.

Filipino Teachers in Thailand

After filling out your profile, check the box for renewal application. Click on the SAVE INFORMATION button. Double check your information before you click on the YES button. (You will not be allowed to change your name after clicking YES.)

3. Upload your photo

Before you upload your photo make sure it is 2×2 in size and with a plain white background, taken not more than six months, and you must be wearing a decent attire with collar

Filipino Teachers in Thailand

Choose an appointment date (only from colored boxes). Then choose your preferred payment option. (If you choose any of these payment options, there will be a service fee of 50 pesos). Click the camera icon to upload your photo.

4. Select desired transaction

The online system offers practically almost everything. Therefore, Filipino teachers in Thailand wishing to renew their license should select “RENEWAL” option as shown below.

Filipino Teachers in Thailand

5. Select your Profession and enter your PRC License Number

Once done, click PROCEED button.

Filipino Teachers in Thailand

6. Select the PRC office where you want your transaction to be processed

Choose an appointment date (only from colored boxes). Then choose your preferred payment option. (If you choose any of these payment options, there will be a service fee of 50 pesos)

Filipino Teachers in Thailand

If you choose OVER THE COUNTER/ATM BANKING as your payment option, choose your preferred banks for payment. Then click on SELECT button. (NOTE: when paying at the bank, use BILLS PAYMENT form. Do not use Dragon Pay) For payment through banks there may be an additional bank surcharge.

7. Verify your status at EXISTING TRANSACTION Tab. 

PRC Online

8. Select PRINT CLAIM STUB. Bring the printed claim stub to any PRC office on your selected appointment date. That’s it. You just have your PRC ID renewed.

What if you can’t go home because of work related matters? Can a family member process the renewal for you?

OFWs can ask a family member to renew their license on their behalf. Just make sure your family member has an authorization letter or Special Power of Attorney coming from you.

According to the website, if the ID card has already expired, the authorized representative should bring the following.

  1. Recent passport size picture in white background with a name tag of the professional.
  2. Fill out the renewal form of PRC ID from the Registration Division. Paste the picture on the renewal sheet.
  3. Authorization letter/Special Power of Attorney with valid identification of the authorized representative.
  4. Pay the corresponding renewal fee.

Please be reminded that the old IDs need not to be presented and won’t be required during the process.

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