Real Japanese sakura turns Doi Ang Khang pink


CHIANG MAI —  Doi Ang Khang welcomed 2020 with a new color — “PINK”. The area is now Insta-worthy that is teeming with real Japanese sakura which makes the mountain look, well, pink.

Unlike the Wild Himalayan Cherry (Thai: Dawg Nang PhayaSeau-Krong), which means Queen of tigers that grow elsewhere, the ones in Doi Ang Khang are real Japanese cherry blossoms (Japanese sakura) that most Thais would like to see when they visit Japan.

Aside from these eye-candy species that are now in full-blown, other colorful flowers that normally bloom in the cold season are starting to attract visitors.

How long do they bloom?

According to Japan-Guide, “the cherry blossom season is relatively short. Full bloom (mankai) is usually reached within about one week after the opening of the first blossoms (kaika). Another week later, the blooming peak is over and the blossoms are falling from the trees. Strong wind and rain can cut the blooming season even shorter.”

So, if anyone is going to travel to Chiang Mai, don’t miss Doi Ang Khang this period. Have fun!

Source: Sanook

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