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A report of Pope Francis’ scheduled visit to Thailand in November is making waves in leading news websites in Thailand such as Thaiger, Sanook, and Thaivisa.

According to the report, the supreme pontiff of the Catholic church will come to Thailand first before he visits Japan.

Pope Francis is going to be the second pope to visit Thailand after St. John Paul II, who met King Bhumibol Adulyadej on May 10, 1984, during an apostolic visit to Bangkok.

His visit will coincide with the 350th year anniversary of the presence of the Roman Catholic Church in Thailand. As of 2018, there are 379,975 Catholics in Thailand, a figure that represents 0.46% of the total Thai population of 69 million. There are 11 dioceses with 436 parishes and 662 priests, said the report from La Croix, the world’s premier independent Catholic daily.

In a report from Sanook, the first historical record of an attempt to introduce Christianity to Thailand is owed to John Peter Maffei who stated that about 1550 a French Franciscan named Bonferre, hearing of the great kingdom of the Peguans and the Siamese in the East, went on a Portuguese ship from Goa to Cosme (Peguan), where for three years he preached the Gospel, but without any result.

Sources: La Croix | Sanook

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