Police hero rescues Filipina from a burning apartment in Pattaya


Pattaya, Thailand – A Filipina tourist will be forever grateful to a Pattaya policeman who dashed into a burning apartment just to save her.

In a report from Thai Rath, the woman lost consciousness due to smoke inhalation  on the fourth floor room of Renu House Apartment building yesterday evening.

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The room 410 was full of black smoke when Deputy Sergeant Wasuthorn Iamsamang carried the tourist out of the burning apartment while fire engines directed water at the fire.

The fire is believed to have started in an empty room, number 303, on the third floor, reported ThaiVisa.

Police are investigating the cause but initial reports suggest that an electrical fault line in the vacant room was the reason the fire started.

The Filipino tourists who suffered smoke inhalation in room 410 were Mr. Kenneth Diment, 67, and Ms. Mercy Pasay, 19. They were both taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.


Source: Thai Rath, ThaiVisa / Photo Credits: Thai Rath

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