Pinoy Teacher’s Story: Believing in myself more

Gaining back my self confidence

I started to cry which started the whole world laughing.” This is one of the famed lines I won’t forget for it illustrates the type of individual I am. It portrays that my life is akin to a “serious joke” that brought me to where I am now. But just recently, I have listed one of my most treasured experiences in my journey as an educator in Thailand. It was something that I’ve never anticipated.

Before I share something about that dramatic experience, I would like to start by stating that I have disbelief in myself until I talked to a kababayan named John. He changed the way I perceive myself. Why? Because he got me to believe that ‘one can still leave a good impression even without being seen by anybody.’

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How it all started

So let me share my story. It was a silent night while my girlfriend and my cat were slumbering when suddenly a Nokia 222 model rung. I wasn’t expecting that call, of course. It did not ring for over a year. A silvery and orotund voice just introduced his name. He apologized because he was not able to notice my application. If he did, he could have given me a call earlier. Anyway, John and myself conversed about a lot of things like my background, my experiences, my current teaching status and all. Aside from talking to my family and the very first day I talked to my girlfriend over the phone, it was the best talk ever!

In that conversation, John made me realize that I can be competitive in my own ways, by just being who I am and never ever bother to doubt myself because it’s just a waste of energy. The application was a positive one because I was given an opportunity to have a teaching demonstration over Skype. We talked Saturday night and John informed me that he will give me a topic of his choice on Monday.

The challenging part was, it never happened on Monday. It was moved the next day instead and the demo happened Wednesday. I only have one night preparation, but since I was persuaded that it happened for a reason, I did my best!

The revelation

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Guess what? News was announced days after the demonstrations. John called us (I and my girlfriend) and said, “Pasensiya na ah, sa inyong dalawa, isa lang ang natanggap”. My world turned into pieces until a smile appeared on his face and said, “Joke lang. Kayong dalawa ang natanggap! Congratulations sa inyo!” What a piece of music to my ears! It was a kind of line I was praying for days.

Great compensation, benefits and opportunities are coming up. I am thrilled to augment my professional and individual development to the new journey bringing the pride of my family and my country. My journey might have started with a cry, but for sure, it will conclude my whole world laughing.

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