Pinoy orgs in Ubon Ratchatani to hold financial literacy confab


UBON RATCHATANI, Thailand – “A typical Filipino overseas worker’s pocket is like a bucket with lots of holes. Each OFW aims to fill the bucket with water to no avail. The holes in the bucket represent poor decisions of many OFWs which cause financial mistakes. These holes are the reason why their money is gone the moment they received their paychecks. Even worse, sometimes their money is spent even before payday,” writes author  and financial blogger Mr. Jun Amparo.

Aware of the common struggles of many workers abroad and in line with their advocacy of cultivating beneficial financial habits among OFWs in the northeastern part of Thailand, three Filipino organizations in Ubon Ratchani – PINSAN (Pinoy sa Silangan), tUBONg Pinoy and Quickservants Ubon Chapter have collaborated to conduct a financial literacy seminar on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at Ezy Space, Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand.

“I’ve been in Thailand for 15 years and I work closely with many Filipinos who are working as teachers and I have seen that most of them have a common struggle of managing their finances,” said Mr. Tong Largado, a full-time missionary based in Ubon Ratchatani and the provincial coordinator of Quickservants organization.

“After 6 months of planning and consultation with the Filcom leaders in the province, we have finally set the date and we are hoping that this will benefit our participants,” Mr. Largado added.


The sole speaker Mr. Jun Amparo will tackle relevant topics that include; Signs of Financial Bondage and Common Money Mistakes, Understanding the Global Financial Literacy Survey, Paper Asset as Investment Instruments for OFWs, How to Honor God in your Financial Journey and Protecting Yourself and your Asset before Investing.

A personal finance advocate, Mr. Jun Amparo is the founder of Richly Blessed Today, a blog about financial literacy dedicated to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). He also regularly shares financial literacy articles with The Pinoy Legacy which he also co-founded. Pretty soon, Mr. Amparo will be releasing his book entitled OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone where he shares practical tips for OFWs on how to manage those hard-earned money from abroad.

An amount of 200 baht will be collected from those who will participate in the seminar to cover food, kits and other miscellaneous fees.

For reservations, interested participants may coordinate with the following project coordinators: Mr. Popsie Sausa, president of PINSAN; Mr. Sherwin Inigo, adviser and co-founder of PINSAN; and Mr. Tong Largado, provincial coordinator of Quickservants United for Duterte Thailand.

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