The Pinoy Legacy’s 5 Most-Read Stories of 2018


As we finally bid farewell to 2018 and welcome with much anticipation what 2019 will bring us, let’s walk down memory lane to take look at the 5 Most-Read Stories of 2018 here at The Pinoy Legacy.

5. RIA Money Transfer’s high exchange rate excites Filipinos in Thailand

Remittances play an important role in the lives of Filipinos working abroad. It is therefore not surprising that Filipinos are always on the lookout for a service that offers the highest exchange rate.

Therefore, when the news about RIA’s higher exchange rate erupted, Filipinos flocked to Government Savings Bank (GSB) to try what is today the most attractive remittance service for Filipinos.

4. King Power MahaNakhon (Thailand’s Tallest Building) Opens Skywalk

Filipinos in Thailand love to travel. If there’s a new destination or place to start an adventure and if time permits, Filipinos will be always in front of the line.

Several commented that they are afraid of heights. Who would not be since the building stands at a height of 314 meters, 10 meters taller than the Baiyoke II Tower. But even if they said that the height will kill them, we bet many still tried the new travel destination in the capital.

3. Filipino Dies Alone In His Apartment in Surat Thani

If leaving your family to work overseas can already make your heart shatters in pieces, think about someone who died not just away from his family but more so, alone.

Jose Rantael Ostonal, 37, a Filipino national who worked as an English teacher at Banthamniab School in Khirirat district in Surat Thani, was found dead alone in his apartment.

In an interview with The Pinoy Legacy, Dayne Aquino, a close friend and distant relative of Ostonal, revealed that Ostonal died of pneumonia.

2. Three Filipino pickpockets arrested at BTS Siam

Filipinos in the kingdom aired their disappointment, embarrassment, and anger when three Filipinos (two women and a man) have been arrested for allegedly pickpocketing a Japanese tourist at the BTS Skytrain Chit Lom station in July.

“This is just outright embarrassing and disgusting, to say the least” – commented Fonz Beltran.

The three Filipino pickpockets were alleged to have cut the shoulder bag off a Japanese tourist on July 17 and stole the wallet inside. Police checked security cameras and managed to arrest them at the BTS Siam.

1. Filipino teacher dies in motorcycle accident in Phetchaburi

A devastating story hit Filipinos in Thailand on January 21, 2018, when a Filipino teacher who taught at Sarasas Witaed Phetchaburi School lost his life in a motorcycle accident in the same province. Thirty-year-old Erick Peralta Gan skidded off the road and hit the cemented kilometer marker on their way to the beach. His friend James Enoc Luzon narrated to Pinoy Legacy that Gan lost control of his motorcycle. He died on the spot.

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