Team Soi Pilipin Defeats Taller Triamudomsuksa Players in 2017 Buddhachinaraj Cup Basketball Tournament


The Triamudomsuksa School of the North’s dream of winning their first game at the 2017 Buddhachinaraj Cup Basketball Tournament ended in defeat, with Team Soi Pilipin hammering them down until the last quarter.

Team Soi Pilipin triumphed 68-26, with Kenshin scoring 21 points on his own as well as 3 assist and one block.

Other players who contributed to the team’s victory last night were Asher 15 points and 4 rebounds, Rey 4 points and 3 assist,  Joyven 16 points and Sutil 4 points.

But another member of the team who goes by the name Thons, cemented the win of the team with 8 points and a behind the back pass with many thought to be the game’s highlight in the closing moments of the last quarter.

Team Soi Pilipin is scheduled to play again at 9 p.m on 8 February 2017 Wednesday against a much taller and stronger team.

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John Benliro