Pinay online seller nicknamed “Bungal Scammer” arrested in Bangkok


A Pinay online seller accused of scamming other Filipinos in Thailand has been arrested at her condominium in Suan Luang area.

Thai Immigration police announced in a Facebook live video on March 2 the arrest of a Filipino woman nicknamed by the victims as “Bungal Scammer.”

According to the authorities, the victims used the “SWD KAPAMILYA THAILAND,” a Facebook group of Filipinos working in the country, to warn other people to be careful when purchasing items from “Jekki” thru her “Icon Apparel & Skincare Group.”

They said that after the victims placed an order and successfully made the payment, “Jekki” did not deliver the product.

The police started their investigation and found out that the accused had rented several accommodations and often move from place to place — making it difficult for them to follow up.

The officers tried to ambush her at every accommodation before finally arresting her together with her husband at the condominium in Suan Luang area packed with counterfeit goods.

Sources: Thai Immigration

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