Phone exploded while being charged at night


A Facebook user issued a warning of not charging your phones near you after his phone that he was charging exploded in flames in the middle of the night, waking him up in the process.

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The phone that he was charging at the foot of the bed woke him up with a bang. He was able to put out the fire using pillow and bedclothes but he had burned his hand. He warned people to charge phones away from you and not near you at night.

People left comments on Facebook that he probably used a fake charger or that his battery or the phone itself was fake that’s why his phone exploded.

It could be considered a stroke of luck that the phone was near the victim. Otherwise, if it happened elsewhere in the house, what may transpire could be devastating, Thai Rath reported.

The story appeared on the Facebook page of “Narawit Phanom-Sarnarin” who said they were feeling scared.

Photo: That Rath

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