Philippines to allow entry to some foreigners


Foreigners with existing long-term immigrant visas will now be allowed to enter the Philippines, an advisory from the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok stated.

Beginning August 1, foreigner nationals who currently possesses CA 613 Section 13 Immigrant Visas, RA7191 Visas, EO 324 Visas; and those who possesses Native-born Visas will be allowed entry to the Philippines said the advisory.

“Foreigners with valid and existing visas would need to have pre-booked accredited quarantine facility and pre-booked COVID-19 testing provider in the Philippines,” the advisory further stated.

According to the advisory released by the Embassy on Thursday, July 23, the entry is subject to maximum capacity of inbound passengers to the Philippines and to applicable Philippine immigration laws, rules, and regulations.

The Embassy noted that the issuance of Philippine visas to foreign nationals remain suspended, except to foreign seafarers entering the Philippines to join a vessel, accredited diplomats and their dependents, foreign spouses and children of Filipino citizens, and foreign airline crew.

The Bureau of Immigration banned foreigners to enter the country in March as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Philippines has recorded 61,266 cases of the virus and at least 1,643 related deaths.

Here’s the full text of the said advisory:


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