Philippines should bid for 2030 Asian Games, says OCA Vice President


The Philippines’ hosting of the 30th SEA Games caught the eye of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), saying that they’re “very impressed” about the efficiency of the country in managing the ongoing SEA Games 2019. The council even asked the Philippines to consider bidding to host the 2030 Asian Games.

According to Manila Bulletin as reported by Fox Sports Asia, Wei Jizhong of China and Vice President of OCA, suggested on Sunday that the Philippines should consider bidding for “bigger events” like the 2030 Asian Games after experiencing first-hand the ongoing 30th edition of the SEA Games.

“The Philippine Arena is perhaps a unique arena in the world. We witnessed the enthusiasm of all athletes, and showed the excellent tradition of the SEA Games so far,” he said, before adding:

“This means that the Philippines is capable to organize bigger-scale Games.”

Wei further said that welcoming attitude of the Filipino people towards sports was one of the major factors that impressed him so far. He revealed that he attended the ice hockey event at the Mall of Asia Ice Rink on Sunday, and was surprised to see that the venue was packed with spectators even if the sport is not as popular as others like basketball or football.

Wei also said the glitches experienced by fans and participants during the early days of the competition are “normal”, as other host nations have also experienced it previously.

The green signal from the OCA vice president himself will held Philippines go a long way especially when it comes to hosting Games events like the ongoing SEA Games.

As of right now, Hangzhou in China will host the 2022 Asian Games and Nagoya in Japan will host the same event in 2026.

Source: Fox Sports Asia

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