Philippine National ID to function as social welfare card, Diokno


Manila, Philippines –  The government is planning to push the national ID system within President Duterte’s administration as a way to make social services transactions more convenient for Filipinos, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said Wednesday.

According to Diokno, an executive order for the national ID is being drafted. There will be 105 million Filipinos who will each receive an ID “within two years of the enactment of the proposal.”

The ID will serve as an all around ID replacing all government issued identification cards, except the passport and drivers’ license. Every Filipino will be issued an ID at birth, which contains a biometric and can be renewed when the holder turns 18, Diokno added.

“We intend to give all Filipinos a national ID that will also function as a social welfare card,” Diokno told a tax forum.

The ID with its chip-based technology will determine who can avail of discounts on transportation, medicine and health care services, Diokno said as reported by ABS CBN.

Senior citizens and the poorest 5 million households will be the priority for the National ID, Budget Secretary Diokno added.

The previous governments tried to push for a national ID but were unsuccessful. They were met with criticisms; one of which is privacy invasion.

Source: ABS CBN / Photo Credits: ASEAN Community FB Page.

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