Philippine men’s floorball team wins against Indonesia in a clutch goal


QUEZON CITY — After the Philippine women’s floorball team defeated Indonesia, 8-1, giving the country its first taste of victory in the 30th SEA Games on Monday, the Philippine men’s floorball did the same in a 5-4 match against Indonesia.

Indonesia started strong early in the game, making two goals in the first two periods of the match at the University of the Philippines’ College of Human Kinetics gym. But the Philippines didn’t let Indonesia go further when they put the score into a tie in the second period.

The Philippines eventually took the lead, 4-3, but Indonesia refused to bow down just yet. They scored another goal at the 15:59 mark of the third period.

Less than a minute in the final period, the home team delivered a clutch goal that gave the Philippines another win.

The Philippine men’s floorball will play against Thailand tomorrow night (Tuesday).

Women’s Floorball: Philippines gets first SEA Games win

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Marcus Felipe