Philippine Airlines warns individuals on false advertising and misleading information circulating on social media


Philippine Airlines posted an advisory on their Facebook page earlier today about false advertising and misleading information circulating on social media. The Philippine flag carrier warned individuals involved in unscrupulous act that what they’re doing is strictly prohibited.

“This statement comes in the wake of a fake ad circulating on Facebook, stating that followers will get a free trip to Boracay if they like the post and write as a comment “Salamat Philippine Airlines.” The Material uses the PAL logo and a photo of Boracay island,” the advisory said.

PAL also reminded their customers that promotions and other announcements are legitimately found on their website (, PAL Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@flyPAL) and in specific media platform.

Under the Consumer Act of the Philippines, any person found guilty of false advertising shall be subjected to fines or imprisonment of not less than three months but not more than two years or both upon the discretion of the court.

The fake Facebook ad has been reported to the authorities for appropriate action.

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John Benliro