Personal Reflection: What’s the Best Thing that Happened to you in 2017?


Closing chapters. Opening cycles. Life utters its final words as it welcomes the new year with new perspectives. The broad horizon awaits as we stride towards our better selves. Hopeful and positive, new years remind us to reflect and learn from previous years. Last year had been good. It could have been better. Nonetheless, it was awesome.

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Let’s see. Last year, I experienced a climactic scene in my career. Professional growth was everywhere. I learned to test waters with my feet completely submerged. I had to learn even when I don’t want to. I had to do things to survive. I was patient. I believed that one day, hardwork and perseverance will have their rewards. And they did. I needed to save more so I can do things and go places that were once just products of imagination.  The process was never easy. But still, I was determined.

Competition is all over the place in real life. Showcasing my skill sets was not enough. Imagine a room filled with intelligent professionals where all of them posses equal and impeccable talent and skills. It can be very difficult to choose one to assign to the highest part of the corporate ladder. However, it takes attitude to differentiate them apart. Attitude is everything. It is attitude, not aptitude, that takes a person to a higher altitude. Applying the same concept, I had learned to practice positive character traits. I had to educate myself of the culture of “pakikisama.” When you are an OFW, you need to learn to blend in. Sometimes, right is right, wrong is wrong, right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right. And that is okay.

Some people around told me to take it easy. I was an over thinker. If I had to translate it in Filipino language, that is “pasanin ang daigdig.” I learned to let negativities go. At the end of the day, they are already there. I wept but smiled after. I stumbled but eventually got back running. If I had to rest, I did. But I did not quit.

Life will slap us with its own challenges. Fortunately, life will also help us understand our existence through the people we are dearest to. Love, in its essence, is the foundation of life. Last year, I learned to love. Life taught me how to love. And the same life helped me understand why I needed love. It is the wisdom of existence that invigorates our being human.

How about you, what was the best thing that happened to you last year?

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Calvin Clark Dolo