Patient tested with Covid-19 can be treated for free using Social Security


Mr. Thotsaphon Kritwongwiman, Secretary-General of the Thai Social Security of the Ministry of Labor, stated that people who contracted the Covid-19 virus can use their right to be checked and be treated for free.

If the insured who is in contact with an infected person starts to have a fever and respiratory illnesses such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, or wheezing, he or she should put on a mask and immediately see a doctor at the hospital indicated on his or her social security card or “prakhan sangkhom.”

The disease has a high risk of death. Therefore, in the event the insured is tested positive with Covid-19, urgent treatment is needed at the hospital of Public Health Ministry and the insured does not need to pay any cost at all, said the sec-gen, as reported by Sanook.

There are 242 hospitals and networks throughout the country that the Social Security Office has coordinated with to help and treat patients suspected of having the virus, he added.

Mr. Thotsaphon suggested washing hands regularly with soap and water, cover the mouth when coughing, wear a mask in a crowded place, have regular exercise, and get enough rest.

For consultation about medical services, the insured can call the Department of Disease Control at 029562498 hotline 1506 (hotline works 24/7). Additionally, the insured can visit any department of Thai Social Security at any branch throughout the country.

Note: If the insured has no recent history of going abroad or have no direct contact with someone who came from high-risk areas such as Singapore, Japan, and China, etc., the hospital will conduct a check-up as normal and won’t conduct a test for Covid-19. This applies to both Thais and foreigners.

Source: Sanook

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