Passenger opens emergency door of a Chiang Mai – Bangkok flight


CHIANG MAI — A man caused panic on a Thai Smile aircraft that was preparing for taxi and takeoff at Chiang Mai International Airport when he opened the emergency door.

In a report from Thai local news Sanook, a foreign man was pictured being restrained by airport security.

The man boarded flight WE 169 from Chiang Mai to Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok at 15.40 on Wednesday afternoon. But when all the passengers had boarded, he sparked panic when ran up and opened the emergency door.

A few moments later, security forces arrived and safety checked were carried out.

According to Thai Smile, 86 passengers were on board when the incident took place. The flight eventually took off late at 5 pm.

The foreign man’s nationality was not reported so as the reason for his actions.

Source: Sanook

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