Over 30 Bangkok students suffer food poisoning after eating free noodles


Over 30 students in Bangkok suffered from food poisoning during their celebration of Children’s Day. It was reported that the students ate a box of free instant noodles.

According to Parnni Nilsin, principal of the school, the students started vomiting and experienced stomach pain and nausea right after eating the free food.

Students at the school stated that a food vendor was giving out free stir-fried instant noodles with crab and vegetables. But after eating the food, they started to show food poisoning symptoms.

The school notified the police and a nearby hospital. Soon after, over 10 ambulances arrived at the scene to help the students.

Thai media reported that the vendor usually sells fried chicken and sausages. The vendor claimed that she had good intentions. She just wanted to give something to students on Children’s Day.

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