Old man in shabby clothes pulls out 600,000 in cash and purchase a Harley


BANGKOK, Thailand – A story of an old man in shabby clothes who wanted to purchase a bike of his dreams but was met with stares and was given no attention is making rounds on Thai social media.

The idiom “Don’t judge the book by its cover” is evidently true to the old man wearing worn out clothes and flip-flops. His looks, sporting a tramp-like grey beard and long hair, didn’t bear a likely customer.

According to Sanook, things made a 360 turn when he said “I’ll have that one!” and then pulled out from his baggy pants a 600,000 baht in cash.

The story was featured on a Facebook fan page called “Maxsingburimotorbike” that said you should not judge a book by its cover, ThaiVisa reported.

The page said that the man had been to many shops but the sales assistants had given him a wide berth thinking he had no money. When at last he found what he was looking for the deal was struck within ten minutes, ThaiVisa added.

As of this posting, the article from Sanook was shared 32,226 and was read 143,214 times.

“My brother known as “Lung Decha,” was an honest, hardworking man who was semi-retired from his job as a mechanic. He neither smokes nor drinks and never gambles,” the man’s elder sibling told reporters.

Perhaps we can connect this story to George McFly when he said “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Photo: Sanook

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