OFW TIPS: 7 Non-Negotiable Skills You Need To Succeed In A Workplace


Most OFWs are dreaming to have a stable, high paying job in order to attain financial freedom. However, top overseas recruiters require candidate to have relevant employment skills and competencies to be more efficient in the workplace.

Although training and education are great advantages, these may not be enough to compete in the international labor market. Therefore, you need to upgrade yourself in order to cope up with challenges like discrimination brought by globalization. It’s not enough to update your resume and be ready for the job interview. In other words, employers are looking for the best candidates.

If you want to succeed while working abroad, you need to consider honing your skills and talents to be more efficient and productive. But what are the essential top skills to increase employability?  What do employers seek in their new hires? Here are few non-negotiable skills you should have to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to job hunting.

1. Ability to work in a multi-diverse environment

 One important skill for you to get hire is you must be a team player. It means the ability to work well with others. When I say others, they came from multi-diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Because you will be working in a foreign land and different job environment, collaboration is non-negotiable.

2. Proficient and able to communicate well

Workplace communication is very important to companies because it allows companies to be productive and operate effectively. With English as the universal language used in the world, Filipinos have the edge over non-English speaking nationalities.  If you can communicate well, you will avoid barriers at work such as confusing instructions and unclear guidelines. Thus, presentation skills, excellent writing and the ability to persuade your employers are just some examples of communication skills that are useful in the company.

3. Willingness to make decisions and solve problems

Making decisions and solving problems are two key areas in life. Whatever you’re doing, you are faced with countless decisions and problems at work. Consequently, effective making decision is an essential skills needed to be more productive in the workplace. Employers prefer individual who is a problem solver and has critical thinking skills.

4. Demonstrate adaptabilty

Do you start each day with the mindset that you are prepared to handle whatever might happen that day? The world of work is constantly changing. Demonstrating adaptability through actions can gain you favor with co-workers and immediate supervisors. Moreover, employers prefer to hire employees that are capable to perform and willing to accepts new roles with confidence.

5. Be digitally-savvy

In an ever-demanding and competitive jobs market, it’s always a great advantage if you are tech-savvy compared with other employees. Aside from it can boost your professional portfolio, being ahead of technology and knowing how to use online tools can widen your opportunities.

6. Know how to manage time wisely

The top reason why productivity is declining is because of procrastination and poor time management. If you want to be productive in the workplace, you need to manage your time effectively. Attend meeting on time. You need to learn how to prioritize, stay focus and break down tasks so you will not be easily distracted. By managing time wisely, you can accomplished more and enhanced efficiency.

7. Have a positive attitude

Knowledge, skills and good education are excellent competencies, but they are not enough to be successful. Most employers prefer to hire workers who displayed good work attitude in the workforce. They prefer someone who knows how to build and foster good relationships instead of just complaining. Don’t forget to smile and offers help to a colleague when it’s necessary.

Final thoughts

Being an OFW is not easy. If you don’t want to lose your competitive edge in the world stage, you need to think outside of the box. Be professional. There is no room for mediocrity. Education and experience plus honing your skills can make a huge difference in an increasingly competitive global economic landscape.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. —Colossians 3:23, NIV

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Jun Amparo

Jun Amparo

JUN AMPARO is the author of two inspirational books about personal finance and marriage.  He is nominated as Huwarang OFW 2019 organized by The 700 Club Asia and is pursuing his doctoral study in education. Presently, he is working as a university counselor and lecturer at Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand.