OFW in Saudi accused of ‘rape’ and ‘murder’ of his own daughter


MANILA: A tragic story posted in Facebook by user Charles Rasonable on Sunday, March 26, has been making rounds in social media.

In the post, Rasonable narrated how his niece fell victim of sexual and physical abuse from the hands of his own father who is now detained by police authorities in Saudi Arabia.

The victim, Glyza Margarette, is the daughter of his sister who is currently based in Canada.

The posts said, Glaiza, who is supposed to graduate from elementary in April in Jeddah, died more than a week ago after being hospitalized for almost a month due to still unknown reasons.

The post has since been shared around 5,000 times and generated over 4,000 reactions from nitezens.

Read the full text of the post below:

Glyza Margarette (Glyza or Tipay) Rasonable Mendoza is my niece. She is the daughter of my sister, Bliss Rasonable. She is beautiful and intelligent. She is top #3 in her class in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is supposed to graduate elementary come April 29, 2017. She was raised in Jeddah jointly by my sister who used to work there as a nurse at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah and her father Gerardo “Jerry” Mendoza, a company merchandiser at Saudi Dairy Foodstuff Company since 2002 up to the present, until my sister left for Canada for good 8 years ago in the hope of bringing Glyza and Jerry in Canada someday.

Glyza died a week ago in Jeddah. She is believed to have been raped and murdered by her very own father Jerry (in green, red and black clothes below). Prior to Glyza’s death, she was confined at the hospital in Jeddah in critical condition close to a month due to cause which was still unknown then. Bliss in Canada told Jerry to just stay in the hospital because she was coming. Bliss immediately flew in from Canada and processed her visa in Manila for Jeddah. We were shocked to know that Jerry discharged Glyza from the hospital against medical advice without any reason two days prior to Bliss’ expected arrival in Jeddah. He knew that Glyza would die outside without any life support which was only available inside the hospital given her critical condition. But still, he discharged her. Obviously, he wanted Glyza dead to silence her so that we will never know the sexual and physical abuses he did to Glyza. Glyza died in their apartment 10 hours after her discharge. In a desperate move to wash his hands, he brought Glyza to a nearby hospital purposely to make it appear that Glyza died at the ER of said hospital, not in their apartment. Unfortunately for him, records at the ER showed that the doctor found out that Glyza was already dead 2 hours prior to her admission.

Guilt-ridden, he deleted his FB account and that of Glyza to supress all evidence that we can use against him. But he cannot hide the truth. Glyza’s teachers and classmates have surfaced and they narrated to the Saudi authorities what they saw and what Glyza had told them before her hospital confinement; that she was sexually and physically abused by her father; that they saw bruises and contusions on Glyza’s arms many times; that they noticed Glyza’s unusual behavior showing nervousness and mental distress; that she was always bringing rubbing alcohol inside their classroom and rub it on her skin once they touch her; that she was always seen running to, and crying in, the restroom and when they asked her what was her problem, she answered she was always physically beaten and was always forced to have sex with his father; that she came back to her classroom with so much nervousness and abnormal behavior; that she was no longer the same Glyza that they used to know her as a happy young lady; that her classmates told her in jest “huy Glyza buntis ka ba? Bilog ang tyan mo!

Jerry is now behind bars there pending further probe conducted by Saudi authorities.

He should pay for this odious, hateful and heinous crime that he committed against his own daughter. While he enjoys the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, we believe in our hearts he did this to Glyza and we have a strong case against him. I have the right to accuse him not only in the proper forum but wherever we want so people would know the horrific death of my niece. It is his correlative right to establish his innocence in the courts of Saudi Arabia lest he deserves to line up the death row.

Moreover, few months prior to Glyza’s confinement in the hospital, she was pleading to her mother in their conversation on viber, “Ma halika ka na dito. Kunin mo na ako dito. Hindi ko na kaya”. Her mother assured her to wait a little more time as their papers (for her and for Jerry) were almost done. Glyza did not get her message across because she could not talk about her suffering straight to her mother. Why? Because everytime Glyza and my sister talk over viber, her father was at her side or within the hearing distance making it sure he hears whatever Glyza says. But he refused to talk to my sister. My regret though is that my sister just kept this serious matter to herself. Had we known this, we could have moved heaven and earth to get Glyza out of Jeddah to save her life from the hands of her evil father. We are grieving for your loss Tipay and we are crying out for swift justice!

We love you so much! Our hearts bleed that we failed to say these words when you were still alive and well because your father did all his sinister means to prevent you from communicating with us and your siblings here. We are so sorry that we failed to let you know how much we love you. Go in peace Glyza!

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