OFW avails ‘special chartered flight’, shares helpful tips


BANGKOK – Overseas Filipino Worker Aimee Hazelle availed the second special chartered flight from Thailand to the Philippines on July 5. Hazelle narrated on her Facebook, which she also shared to the Filipino Community in Thailand page, the full details of the procedures and the process on the reception of the returning Filipino expatriates.

On the same post, she noted that the information would benefit those who are planning to avail the special chartered flight home.

Here’s the full narrative:


I know you all would appreciate this information especially to those availing the special chartered flight home.

Procedures upon Arrival in Manila (thru Special Chartered Flight)

1. Briefing while in the plane before deplaning. All forms should be filled and ready before deplaning.

2. Everyone will gather in the briefing area with coastguard and DSWD leading the instructions.

3. Prepare your QR code from your Red Cross online application.(you should have one before leaving TH)

4. Coastguard will check your forms and QR code.

5. Children, pregnant women, elderly are first priority.

6. First procedure: Data gathering. A code will be attached to your passport for your swab result online.

7. Swab test, one nasal and one throat.

8. Proceed to get your luggage

9. OFW’s line up for their hotel assignments. Non-OFW’s line up to book their own hotels.

OFW’s and their dependents are all shouldered by OWWA, hotel accommodation and food for the entire stay.

10. OFW’s/Non-OFW’s will be shuttled to their hotels.

11. Check-in and waiting time for swab results, Manila 3 to 5 days max. You can check your results via a website RedCross will provide.

What happens after the Swab Test (NEGATIVE)?


1. Once you verify your result with the Red Cross through their website, you will receive an email with an attached PDF of your quarantine and result certificate. Save your PDF result in your phone.

2. Once you receive a negative result, register to OWWA Uwian Na application (android Google play)

3. Inform your hotel front desk of your negative swab result and email them your PDF certification.

4. Once everything is in place, the hotel front desk will contact OWWA and coastguard that you are ready for home.

5. OWWA will pick you up in your hotels and bring you to:

a. Luzon area – the OWWA shuttle bus will bring you to PITX to get your BOQ certificate to enable you to travel home. PITX has designated buses to different provinces in Luzon FOR FREE. Assisted and escorted by Coastguard.

b. Visayas and Mindanao- The OWWA shuttle bus will bring you to NAIA 2 to fly you all home FOR FREE, even your dependents.

6. When you arrive home, your provincial government will take care of you. Different protocols apply to different provincial governments. But still OWWA and PhilHealth will pay for everything, hotel and food, including your dependents.


You will be paying for your own hotels. Swab test is free in Manila if you are on a special chartered flight because it is under the category of repatriation flight. Going home to your provinces need to be communicated with the Department of Tourism for the availability of sweeper flights home. You will be given contact numbers of Dept. of Tourism. Again, sweeper flights will be paid by you unless specified free by your provincial government.

Hope this will give you all a clear picture on what to expect when you get home! BE SAFE!

Photos: Aimee Hazelle

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