Northern Phayao experiences wintery scenes brought by hailstorm


Photos of Phu Kamyao district in Phayao province showing roads covered with what appears to be light snow left netizens in amazement. 

The area was hammered on Thursday by a hailstorm, leaving a layer of crushed ice on the ground.

Some netizens juxtaposed the scene to something out of a Hollywood film, but others put the storm down to climate change, which may indicate that the world’s end is not too far.

On Thursday, Thailand Meteorological Department announced that the westerly trough had moved through the North and upper Central Thailand, forecasting thundershowers, gusty winds, and hailstorms. It also warned people to stay indoors and avoid large trees and unsecured billboards.

According to 59-year-old local Som Boonjaroen, aside from roads being covered with ice, a tree and power pole knocked down by the storm were now blocking the Padaed-Phukamyao Road near his house. He called on relevant authorities to remove the obstacles immediately so traffic can be restored.

Source: The Nation

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