New Year: Major crackdown on foreigners working without work permits


The year 2020 is going to be a year of a major crackdown on foreigners working illegally in Thailand, Labor Minister MR Chatumongkol Sonakul said this week.

Foreigners on tourist and education visas without work permits will be the labor ministry’s main target, adding that the ministry is going to work side by side with the law enforcement and Thai immigration, said the report from Bangkok Biz News.

The public is asked to report someone they suspect is breaking the law by calling 1506.

Anyone caught working without the necessary documentation could be slapped with a 50,000 baht fine and deportation with blacklisting for up to several years. The employers, on the other hand, could face a jail term and fines of up t0 200,000 baht.

Chatumongkol’s Department of Employment that issues work permits will be teaming up with the Royal Thai Police, the Immigration Bureau and the Department of Provincial Administration to flush out lawbreakers from Thailand.

DoE chief Suchart Pornchaiwisetkun said that those seeking employment must have non-immigrant visas – those with tourist visas or visitors in transit can’t work in Thailand.

BBN mentioned male and female fashion models, football players and coaches in particular in their article. There has been a major uptick in foreigners working in gyms and as actors and models without permits as well as in sports and arts and entertainment.

The public has been urged to contact the DoE to report offenders on 02 354 1729, contact your regional offices or phone the hotline on 1506 extension 2.

Source: Bangkok Biz News | Thaivisa

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