School in Mukdahan ordered shut after 40 people infected with Covid-19


The local public health officials ordered a secondary school in Mukdahan province to close on Thursday after 40 people have tested positive for Covid-19.

At least 40 people tested positive for Covid-19 after school-wide testing was conducted on Thursday. The school was ordered to close later that day, banning everyone except for authorized people.

According to local public health officers, as reported by The Nation, those infected include teachers, staff, and students who have been going to the school since earlier this month. The school reportedly has a total of 1,200 students and over 70 faculty members and staffers.

A parent of a Mattayom 2 student, Udom Wetchkama, 45, said that he had come to the school to pick up his 16-year-old son but was not allowed in. “I’m really concerned that there could be more infected patients found in the school,” he said. “I already brought clothes and foods for my son in case he has to stay overnight.”

Infected patients, according to officials, will be transported to Nikhom Khamsoi Field Hospital for treatment. “So far we still have no confirmed number of infections from this cluster cases, but it could be more than 60 people,” one of the officers said.

Source: The Nation

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