Mother Knows Best: Tribute to all MOMS on Mother’s Day


“Mother knows best.”

There could be possibly hundreds of reasons this statement could not be refuted nor negated depending on the experiences you might have with your mom.  Nevertheless, let me recount the story of your mom.

For nine months she carried your precious and delicate life, pampered you with the best nutrition she could ever give and handled you with care while you were wrapped in a thin bag of water in her womb.  The moment you were freed and became a member of the family, this woman had no more, if not, less time of her own. Those nights when she had to feed, change diapers, keep vigilant of your body temperature when you had fever were so exhausting. She didn’t mind at all even if she was sleep deprived. Still the following day, she had to rise up for the endless chores in the house and continue to care and nourish you.  This had become a lifetime routine of her motherhood.

If she was a stay–at-home mom, her life focused on you, your dad and other family-related responsibilities. And if she was a working mom, there were more challenges piled up to her demanding schedule. And if she was a single mom, she was the strongest woman who had ever lived whose inspiration to struggle and live life was, “you.” And of course, on weekends she had to go with you to church so that you may know God, bring you to parks, beaches, and malls to strengthen her ties with you.

She had seen every inch of your growth from babyhood to adulthood. With just a sigh, she knew that you’re lonely, sad or bored. A glitter in your eyes told her that you’re happy and content. A bite on your lip, made her think that you are nervous. A glimpse of your tears broke her heart, too. No wonder she had a lot of do’s and don’ts for you because of her pure intentions to raise you as healthy, happy and well-balanced individual. Nevertheless, your mom did all these with pride and happiness in her heart.

In your successes, your mom was there to applaud you, in your failures, she was there to cheer you up and when you messed up your life she was there to help you fix it. That’s why, she sometimes intervened on your decisions, or sometimes made decisions for you. In short, you were the apple of your mom’s eyes.  There was no doubt she knows the best for you. And these don’t end here, her nurturing continues until you have grown up, found a job, have a family of your own, and even when you left her for a work abroad. Regardless of your age now, she knew and she will always know.

In this special day for mothers, why not spare a bit of our precious time to pay out tribute to them.

Hats off to all mothers whose work has no retirement.

Hats off to all OFW moms who work away from home and suffer the pain of loneliness just to give their family a better life.

Hats off to all single moms who bravely support and care their children against all odds.

Hats off to all elderly moms who extend their expertise of caring her grandchildren.

We salute you, mothers.

If you are working away from your mom, give her a call and tell her that you love her.

If you are sitting next beside her, give her a hug and whisper into her ears “ I love you”.

If you can spend a time, give her some treats and warm her heart.

Or be proud to say this text to her in Philippians: 1:3  “I thank my God, every time I remember you.”

Whatever you can afford to do, show it to the woman who knows you best this Mother’s Day.

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