Mother asks help raising 50,000 baht for daughter’s spine fusion surgery


BANGKOK: A Filipino mother in Bangkok has reached out to social media asking for help in financing the spine fusion surgery of her 13 year-old daughter dealing  with scoliosis.

Future architect

Just like any typical 13 year olds, Feona Jayne De Vera has a lot of dreams. She hopes to become a designer or an architect as she’s into painting and drawing. Aside from being a consistent honor student in her class since K-7, she is also active in extra-curricular activities particularly in singing, dancing and sports.

But her future may not be as promising.

Diagnosed with ‘Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis’

In March 2016, Feona was diagnosed with ‘Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis’. It is a condition in which the spine develops a curved appearance from the back, somewhat like the letters S or C, rather than the normal straight.

Seeing the curve has developed into a moderate angle already,  the doctor from Mission Hospital in Bangkok recommended that Feona be brought  to an orthopedic doctor at Ramathibodi Hospital where an X-Ray test was conducted. The doctor then recommended for a surgery but  the parents opted for ‘braces’ hoping it would reduce or stop the curve.

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However, after bracing for 5 months, the curve had continued to worsen.  In another X-Ray taken last October 2016, the doctor found out that the lower thoracic angle worsened from 38 degrees in March 2016 to 50 degrees in October 2016; and of lumbar spine from 32 degrees to 45 degrees thus, her doctor strongly recommended  surgery to save her spine from further curve.

Spine Fusion Surgery

The surgical procedure called ‘Spine Fusion Surgery’ is making Feona’s future look a whole lot brighter. The surgery will correct Feona’s spinal curve and stabilize her spine. A series of rods and screws will hold her vertebrae to alleviate the deformities caused by scoliosis.

But this surgical procedure comes with a price.

Raising fund for the procedure

The surgery in Ramathibodi Hospital will cost the family at least 400,000 baht so they moved to Phramungkotklao Military Hospital at a lower surgical fee of 250,000 baht inclusive of surgery, post-surgery, and therapy expenses. Mrs. Fe Miguel de Vera has already exhausted all her means but with the meager salary and with Feona not covered in her insurance, the doting mother is taking matters into her own hands and asking the help of her ‘kababayans’  to raise at least 50,000 baht to make the operation happen on April 25,2017.

If you wish to make a donation without going through PayPal, you may transfer funds directly to her bank account:

Bangkok Bank Account: Fe Miguel De Vera


You can also visit Go Get Funding to donate through Paypal at this link:

Help Me Fund My Daughter’s Scoliosis Surgery

A mother’s plea

“I would like her to grow up healthy without further complications such as chronic back pain, lung and heart damage and to look just like any of her age…without uneven hips and hanging shoulders. I am making this appeal before you to help her fulfill her dreams by donating for her upcoming operation. May God richly bless your life to be a part of hers.”

Fe De Vera

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