Mon Nuea Homestay: Marvel at the thick cotton-like fog hovering in front of you


Waking up from your bed with astonishing views of nature is good. But that feeling will be magnified as you see thick fog hovering in front of you, like an absolute beauty presenting itself.

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That feeling is a possibility at Mon Nuea Homestay — your ultimate accommodation in Chiang Mai that will help you create wonderful memories to cherish.

Located in Mae Rim District in Chiang Mai province, this picturesque place of habitation offers three kinds of accommodation: Tents, domes, and rooms.

The dome is a unique, round-shaped accommodation that looks like an igloo from afar. This is basically what attracts us the most. Its white color blends really well with the fog hovering around.

Inside you’ll find a comfortable mattress, a fan, and cozy beddings for a full relaxation experience. Additionally, the area where accommodations were built gives everyone a viewpoint of the sea of fog even inside the tent.

So, if you like to create your next wonderful memory, have it here at Mon Nuea Homestay. Rainy and winter seasons are the best time to see a blanket of fog enveloping the area.

Explore the places around. Marvel at the beauty of nature. After all, it’s your home.


Mon Nuea Homestay
Address: 109 Moo 11, Mae Ram, Mae Rim District, Chiang MaiContact: 084 363 8014
Facebook: ม่อนเหนือโฮมสเตย์

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