Mobile phone-free classroom effective for students, Filipino teacher says


Phitsanulok, Thailand – A school in Phitsanulok launched a project called “mobile phone-free classroom” to make students pay more attention on their studies and to keep their eyes away from their smartphone screens.

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Saint Nicholas School in Phitsanulok, a Catholic school located in Muang district, initiated the “mobile phone-free classroom” project where students’ smartphones are collected before the class starts in the morning and are kept in a locker while they are studying.

“We started this project a few years back because students were mostly glued on their mobile phones even during the class. We want to keep the distraction away,” Filipino teacher Chow Como told Pinoy Legacy.

The phones are returned to the students after school hours in the afternoon. This is to prevent students from using their phones while having a class.

Como also said that students are allowed to get their phones back if they need to make an important call but must return them in the locker after the call.

Filipino teachers at Saint Nicholas School admitted that the project proved to be effective.

“Keeping the students’ phones during class is like keeping them away from social media particularly on Facebook which can really be addictive. Their grades are better and they are more responsible now. Instead of taking photos of the writings on the board which students in other schools do, our students take notes on their paper. They’re not taking videos of teachers while teaching either, which is great,” Como quipped.

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