Ministry of Education proposes to open schools in July


The Ministry of Education is seeking the approval of the cabinet for the postponement of the semester to 1st July and prepare for online teaching.

The schools should all be opening in May but the education minister is recommending to the government that they remain shut until July 1st.

Testing for P1, M1 and M4 entrance will take place in June if possible.

Nataphol Teepsuwan said that it was necessary to delay the start of term by at least six weeks due to the current Covid-19 situation.

One of the ideas being considered is to cancel the October holidays for children to make up the time.

This could mean an eight-month “mega term” with just a New Year break to split it up, notes Thaivisa.

If by July the situation has not improved a system of online learning will be introduced with primary school children learning in one way and secondary children having two learning options.

Full details are expected to be announced after the meeting today.

Source: TNN | Thaivisa

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