Ministry of Education plans to reopen schools by November


The Ministry of Education announced on Thursday that it plans to reopen schools across the country by November, in time for the second semester of the 2021 academic year.

Education Ministry spokesperson Kesthip Supawanich said that if the school reopening will be postponed or suspended, children’s development will be put at risk. She also said it was not fair to get students stressed and affected in the long term.

According to a report from The Nation, the ministry has been calling on schools to avoid giving students too much homework and for teachers to stop covering too much of the curriculum in their classes.

Kesthip said teachers should balance their lessons between theory and practice, adding that the ministry has been working with the Department of Health and Department of Mental Health on finding ways to ease the stress of students, teachers and parents. The departments have collected information on different teaching methods, which will be distributed among teachers, the report added.

In a survey conducted by the ministry, on 35,000 schools or so, they’ve found out that schools use a multitude of teaching approaches, ranging from online and on-demand classes to teaching via television or radio, in person and on site.

Source: The Nation

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