Metered taxis in Bangkok can now charge fees for extra luggage


BANGKOK — Metered taxis traveling to and from Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports will be allowed to charge passengers handling fees for large luggage items, the Transport Ministry announced Tuesday.

According to a report from The Nation, luggage handling fees are as follows:

• Bt20 for every bag that exceeds 26 inches in width, height or length.

• Bt20 for every additional item of luggage after the first two.

• No more than Bt100 per piece for sports equipment like golf bags, bicycles, surfboards or musical instruments that are 50 inches or more in size.

• No more than Bt100 for equipment, tools or appliances that are 50 inches or more in size.

Drivers of metered taxis are required to let the passengers know of the extra handling fees in advance.

Wheelchairs and walking sticks won’t be charged, as well as carry-on baggage such as handbag, computer bag, backpack or personal belongings carried by the passenger.

Source: The Nation

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