Medical tourism visa for Asian nationals up from 15-30 days to 90 days


Bangkok, Thailand  – Voice TV quoted Deputy government minister Thanasak Pratimpakorn as saying that the medical tourism visa for Asian nationals was being expanded.

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Previously, nationals of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar as well as China were able to stay in Thailand for 15-30 days. Now, they can stay for up to 90 days.

Termed as the “Medical Wellness Tourism,” Thailand would benefit in this as it would bring money to the country, said Deputy government minister Thanasak Patimprakorn.

He called Thailand a “Medical Hub”.

The story also referred to government’s previous announcement that nationals from 14 countries including the UK, US, Germany and Japan will be granted a 10 year visa. However, not all will be able to receive the said visa. People must be over 50 with a 3 million baht or a 100,000 per month up earning and sufficient health insurance to qualify.

They also have to report every 90 days, said Voice TV.

The visa, which would initially be five years but can be extended to ten, include a wife and dependents up to four people.

Sources: Voice TV, ThaiVisa | Photo: Placidway

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