Man pulls hand back after seeing large king cobra in pile of sandbags


A construction worker in Tha Mai district in Chantaburi province got a slithering surprise when he spotted a large king cobra hiding in a pile of sandbags.

According to a report, Mr. Chaovalit Jaitrong was lucky to be able to pull his hand back right after seeing the snake.

To protect others from possible snake attacks, Mr. Chaovalit Jaitrong notified the local rescue officers immediately.

When the snake catchers arrived, Chaovalit led them to the scene. The team inspected the under-construction house and found the snake hiding under a pile of sandbags.

The snake was captured and was reported to be about 4 meters long, strong, and in good condition.

Mr. Chaowalit narrated that he was moving the sandbags in preparation for his work. While reaching out to lift the sack, he spotted the king cobra. He, therefore, pulled his hand back and called the officers to help catch the snake.

Snake catchers warned people to immediately notify experts when they see a venomous snake.

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