Man dodges attack from cobra hiding behind his iron door


A man was left terrified after finding a hissing cobra hiding behind his iron door in Yala’s Betong district.

Mr. Wibul narrated that he went out of the house in the morning yesterday, December 2. Upon realizing that he forgot to lock his door, he came back and was surprised to see the venomous snake coiling and threatening him. This prompted him to call the rescue team immediately.

The 45-year-old owner who was still in a state of panic, waited outside until the specialists arrived.

He guided the team to the spot where the snake was hiding.

Without wasting time, the rescuers pulled the door open and grabbed the cobra’s head before pulling it out from its hiding place.

The serpent was reported to be about 2 meters in length, healthy, and fertile. They placed it into a plastic box and transported it to the rescue station before releasing it back to the wild, away from the village

Wibul said the snake almost got him. Luckily, he was able to dodge its attack.

Kanob Chaona, leader of the rescue team’s station, warned people to keep their things in order because it was raining frequently the past few days, thus making the snakes come out. If you find any poisonous animals, report them to the rescue team. Attempting to capture poisonous animals is lethal as it requires skills and experience.

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