Man burns himself outside Iranian Embassy in Bangkok


BANGKOK, Thailand – An Iranian citizen set himself ablaze outside the Iranian Embassy in Bangkok on Friday reportedly in protest against the presidential elections in his home country, according to The Nation.

Ari Bayef, 40, urged the people in Iran not to vote through a placard he was holding opposite the embassy before dousing himself in petrol and setting himself alight, police found in their initial investigation.

Witnesses reported Bayef was apparently in a drunken state.

While on fire, the Iranian citizen tried to run into the embassy but failed and ran back to the same spot, where police authorities found him engulfed in flames, The Nation reported.

Security guards from the embassy, passersby, and the police officers who responded to the scene managed to extinguish the flames. Bayef suffered several burns and was rushed to the nearby Camillian Hospital.

On Friday, Iranians have begun voting in a closely-fought presidential election between reformist President Hassan Rouhani and conservative challenger Ebrahim Raisi. The outcome of the present election is set to determine Iran’s pace of social and economic reform and its re-engagement with the world.

Source: The Nation

Photos: Stickboy Bangkok (FB)

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