Man brings a bag of cobra snakes into a famous Bangkok hotel


A man with a history of receiving treatment since 2019, entered a famous hotel in Bangkok carrying a bag of cobra snakes.

In his recent Facebook post, the man known as “100 Million K” stated that he placed the cobra snakes inside a bag and booked a room at a famous hotel in the middle of Bangkok earlier this month.

He also posted photos of the snakes in a bag placed on a bed inside the hotel room with the caption: “I brought venomous cobra snakes, the most dangerous snakes in the world to wake up in the morning and enjoy the atmosphere. Located in central Bangkok inside a fancy hotel.”

Before the cobra in the bag incident, the man was reported to have released snakes on the road.

We hope the man will be found the soonest so he can receive the treatment and medical care he needs. His actions are dangerous and pose a threat to people.

Sources: Khaosod | Thai Residents

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