Maids find wrapped corpse at Bangkok hotel — but police smiles?


A Bangkok hotel called the police after the maids discovered what they thought was a corpse wrapped in bloodstained bedding next to the bed.

It didn’t take long for the authorities and Ruam Katanyu Rescue services who responded to the call to rush to the scene in Phrapradaeng.

They cautiously entered the room where the “body” was found while the maids waited outside.

But instead of gathering pieces of evidence, what Pol Capt Pornchai Phuangsai found inside the suspicious bundle had him smiling. 

There was no murder because inside were just bloodstained towels and pillows.

According to Daily News report, a man and a woman arrived at the Bangkok hotel and checked in at 1 am and left hastily at 2 am.

Pinoy Legacy can only assume the couple wanted to celebrate Haloween in advance.

Sources: Daily News, Thai Visa

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