Mag-ina meme reaches Thailand, 3D creator gets friend requests from Thais


BANGKOK — The “mag-ina meme” that has gone viral in the Philippines has reached Thailand and is becoming widely used on Thai internet.

Filipino Mag-ina meme

The “Mag-ina”, or “Mae-loog” meme, which both mean “Mom and kid” in Filipino and Thai, involves a cartoon graphic of a mom asking where her child is going — only for the child returning with disappointments.

In Thailand, as reported by Khaosod English, Thais have been using the meme over the past week to express similar disappointments in relationships, money, and politics.

Due to the meme’s popularity in Thailand, Chavez revealed in a Facebook post that he’s getting a lot of Thai accounts adding him as a friend with a reshare of a Thai meme.

“Kaya pala may nagaadd saken na taga thailand. Haha,” he said.

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