Lukas Graham set to perform in Bangkok next month


Danish soul-pop band Lukas Graham who popularized the catchy song “Once I was seven years old (7 Years), is set to perform in Bangkok on September 28 at GMM Muang Thai Live House inside CentralWorld.

Tickets will be sold online from August 30 via The Concert, with prices starting from 1,800 to 2,300 baht.

Earlier this year, the band’s frontman Lukas Forchhammer, came to Bangkok for a guest appearance on Thai television. And in September this year, the full force of the band will perform live in the capital.

Apart from making the fans happy whilst singing along with them, frontman Lukas is also going to make his bandmates try Thai food.

“I can tell you that I’m gonna bring Lovestick [the drummer] and Magnum [the bassist] on a food safari, so they can taste all of the amazing flavors Thailand has to offer!” wrote lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer. “Besides the insects, the scorpion, and durian, what should I make them eat while we’re in Bangkok?”

Lukas Graham was founded in Copenhagen 8 years ago (2011). The songs that made them known include “7 Years”, “Mama”, “You’re Not There” and “Love Someone” among others. The song “7 Years” became a huge hit among Thais when Tom Room 39  who wore the durian mask sang it in the Mask Singer 2017.

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