Watch: Little girl in school uniform rides horse home


A video of a 7-year-old girl in school uniform riding a horse home got viral and landed today on a Thai news website.

The little girl, later identified as a second-grade student Kornkanya “Bai Bua” Tapnaka, was filmed riding her horse named See Thong while still wearing her school uniform.

Facebook user Nantamon Sooktorn took the video of the student on her horseback trip and posted it on Monday. After the upload, views started to pile up and was picked by Thai news website Thainet the following day.

Bai Bua who hails from Songkhla, told media that she helps her parents at the beach after school every day. Her mother sells ice cream and her father offers horseback rides to tourist.

Once the business is done, she rides her 10-year old horse home, about 7 kilometers from the beach, while mom and dad follow behind riding their motorcycle-ice cream cart.

The little girl started riding when she was about 4, her father 33-year-old Wanchalerm Tapnaka told reporters. She learned how to ride from her father and would cry if she couldn’t ride See Thong.

Wanchalerm isn’t worried. Even if he follows close behind every time, See Thong, he said, is a tame horse and has a good relationship with his daughter Bai Bua.

Source: Thainet, Coconuts Bangkok

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