Korean woman gets infected with coronavirus after visiting Thailand


BANGKOK — A Korean woman with no record of travel to China was found infected with the novel coronavirus after visiting Thailand. 

According to deputy director-general of the Disease Control Department Dr. Tanarak Plipat, they were informed of the case in South Korea and were seeking details of her test results, condition and where she went in Thailand.

“The country is in the stage of disease transmission. Tourists, naturally, are in places full of foreign tourists and thus are likely to be in areas of disease transmission,” Dr Tanarak said.

In a report from Bangkok Post, the 42-year-old South Korean woman was tested positive to the virus after arriving home from Thailand on Jan 19. She got sick on Jan 25. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) have placed her in quarantine. She was the 16th person found with the virus in South Korea.

Dr Tanarak sought to allay concerns, saying that transmission in Thailand was limited. Health authorities were actively identifying and treating patients.

“The case of the Korean woman does not change the degree of risk concerning the disease in Thailand. Chances of contraction remain low in this country,” he said.

“Now we are trying our best to find as many of those infected as possible and people in contact with them,” he said. Quick response was preventing transmission growing to a severe level, Dr Tanarak said.

On Tuesday, the Public Health Ministry reported that people infected with the virus in Thailand remained at 19. Eight of them have already been sent home, while 11 are still in the hospital.

Dr Tanarak also stated that those still in the hospital were feeling much better and healthy, but officials extended their stay to make sure that the disease is really gone.

To prevent transmission they would not be discharged until they were proven to be free of the virus, he said.

Source: Bangkok Post

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