Kindhearted property owners gave tenants discounts amid COVID-19 crisis


Despite the COVID-19 crisis in Thailand,  kindhearted property owners still abound and made the decision to not charge their tenants the full monthly rent.

In the city of Pattaya, Mr. Manot Nongyai, owner of Pattaya City Dormitories, decided to let his tenants only pay electric and water bill, until the end of the Covid-19 crisis.

In Phitsanulok, frontliner Bambie Dalida-Lopez who works in Bangkok Hospital happily shared on Facebook a photo of her rent with a 30% discount. “Pang food ko na po yun discount sa rent,” she said.

When Pinoy Legacy shared Ms. Lopez’s photo on Facebook, some of our readers also revealed the goodness of their landlord/landlady during these trying times.

COVID-19 Crisis

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Meanwhile, in Noen Maprang district in Phitsanulok, a Filipino couple received unexpected help from people in the village where they live.

Randy and Rowena Camfuli told Pinoy Legacy that people started coming one day and shared their harvests such as fruits, vegetables, as well as other essential things they need every day.

“We were so touched by the kindness because we didn’t ask. In fact, some of them gave us financial help too,” Randy said.

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